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The Sierpinski Pyramid is a fun wa to teach students about tetrahedrons and other 3-D shapes.

Goal: construct a pyramid comprised of equilateral tetrahedrons.  

Learning Outcomes: geometrical construction; equilateral triangles and fractals.

Grade levels: 2nd - 8th grade



This is a simple introduction to geometry and the use of smaller shapes to build larger structures.  Plus this is a great STEAM project where students use art skills to make a really cool pyramid!


Toolbox comes with four (4) team kits.  Four students per kit.

Toolbox also includes a Teacher Guide that features:

  • Lesson plan with instruction tips
  • How to build instructions with photos
  • Extension/Enrichment ideas
  • Note to parents 

Sierpinski Pyramid STEM Toolbox (15 kits/box)

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